Avoiding Prolonged Dying in Advanced Dementia: How Can Healthcare Professionals Help?


ASBH Conference – Houston, Texas

To avoid PROLONGED dying with dementia: which interventions may be LEGAL?
And, can health care professionals also help patients avoid PREMATURE dying?

—A video for those interested in Dementia and/or strategic Advance Care Planning.
There are two viewing options in addition to watching straight through:

The complete video bears the title of our presentation at the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities: Avoiding prolonged dying in Advanced Dementia. How healthcare professionals can help.Terman.2015.10.22. To prevent premature and prolonged dying and to reduce the suffering of patients and their loved ones who face dementia… these were the goals motivating the presentation of Dr. Stanley Terman and patient/advocate Michael Ellenbogen on 10-22-15 in Houston. The edited presentation was posted to YouTube on 11-10-15.  Link: https://youtu.be/gBim9UKI2-s

Note: This is the only video that includes 12 minutes of Q & A, but it is 1 hr. 13 minutes long. So…

Two alternative ways to view: (A) View this video in three sittings of about 25 minutes since there are natural places to pause as indicated in the Time Schedule in the YouTube description. (B) View any or all of the separate YouTube videos listed below:

(a) “Advanced Dementia patient–unable to complain–suffered unrecognized pain from second degree burns.”  https://youtu.be/-6FkR-9jhQ0

This 32-second video convinces some viewers that unrecognized pain can be a serious problem for Advanced Dementia patients. It is included in both the complete video and video (c).

(b) “A strong plea for a timely, peaceful dying by Young-Early Onset Dementia patient, Michael Ellenbogen.” (15 min)  https://youtu.be/VJ6h3pmDPtY Michael shares his personal story and what he knows about other patients.

(c) “An Advanced Dementia-specific Living Will. Michael Ellenbogen demos making one decision at a time.” (14 min)  https://youtu.be/i8HbZp9pbaI  Shows how to use the decision aid tool that generates an Advanced Dementia-specific Living Will.

(d) “Help us legalize the option to Withhold and Withdraw Food and Drinks for Advanced Dementia patients.” (4 min) https://youtu.be/235GbrpRtdE This is Michael’s mission: to increase end-of-life options for patients who will be suffering with Advanced Dementia.

(e) Avoiding prolonged dying in Advanced Dementia. How healthcare professionals can help. Terman.EXCERPT. Includes only Dr. Terman’s narrated slide presentation. (30 min. 11/11/15)  https://youtu.be/d0aSUCHknrI



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